Bethlehem – The City of Light

We arrived inside the Holy Land after a 10 hour bus journey and two weeks in Egypt. We left maximum of our Astara excursion of one hundred human beings. Twenty two folks stayed directly to go to Jerusalem bethlehem tourist information center.
I surely did not apprehend the politics of the location until I were given there. We had a Palestinian tour guide and so we have been to stay in “occupied territory.” This territory turned into clearly the Mount of Olives in which Jesus ascended into heaven and wherein he suffered alone in the Garden of Gethsemane. Those 2000 year antique olive timber nonetheless produce olives.
Before I left at the trip my Israeli buddy told me that we have to be staying in a resort that no Jewish person would stay in, she informed me the old call. The inn, that’s two blocks from the Garden of Gethsemane is constructed on the burial grounds of the Kidrion Valley. This valley is stated within the Bible as the vicinity in which our bodies and souls may be resurrected inside the 2d coming of Christ.
As we pulled as much as the inn I quietly walked up to the front of the bus. “Is the previous call of the hotel____?” The excursion manual said yes. I walked lower back to my pals, “This is the area.”
That afternoon our pals had an experience. The radio of their room grew to become on by way of itself. It began to play a track via Elvis, “I am standing earlier than you… “One of the ladies noticed a soldier in uniform of their room.
Later at dinner we overheard a few human beings talking at the following desk. They had visible a “traveler” from the “different” aspect. It looks like the hotel became alive with guests from the Spirit international.
I anticipated the Via Della Rosa to be a very pious, respectful vicinity. This is in which Jesus walked with His crown of thorns and carried His move to the crucifixion.
The scene become the entire antithesis of my expectancies. The “stations of the pass” have been along the street crowded with traders promoting their wares. No time for quiet mirrored image, just a “everyday” busy marketplace area amidst the remarkable suffering of Jesus.
The Church of the Sepulcher changed into the place where Jesus changed into speculated to were crucified and laid in the tomb. There became hypothesis that some other small burial tomb become without a doubt the location of the resurrection. Going there in its quietude and solemn feeling made me think that it became the actual location.
In the Church of the Sepulcher there was a slab of marble or granite that became at the floor. It become presupposed to be the stone that He laid on at His dying and resurrection. I kneeled down, and positioned my forehead at the stone. I changed into transported in feeling, elevated in focus. I felt that this turned into indeed the true burial stone.
All of this changed into in such excellent assessment to the small round building with three lit candles in the center on the floor – the region on the Mount of Olives wherein Jesus ascended into heaven. There was this query of authenticity every where we went. There was a temple wherein Mother Mary was “assumed” into heaven. A grand mosaic at the floor had the entire wheel of the 12 symptoms of the Zodiac.
Lazarus tomb felt like his tomb. I walked down the narrow 20 steps into the small stone room. I kept repeating, “Lazarus come forth.” My voice echoed in this tiny area. It felt real to me!
We have been to go to Bethlehem to visit the website of Jesus delivery. The church is built over the manger within the solid or cave wherein Christ became born. Was this some other feasible site of the real manger?
Inside became a small stone cave with beautiful lanterns continually lit. People came to kneel and pray there in homage of the area in which the Christ infant came to earth.
When some thing “different worldly” takes place to you it would not always “register” for your aware thoughts right away. My revel in changed into no extraordinary.
As you input the church in Bethlehem, the entrance is lowered so that you bow down in reverence to this sacred ground. I walked in bowing down via the entrance. I at once heard the “invisible choir” making a song salutations to Jesus and this holy place.
The voices in unison sang reward to the Christ Child. I heard the singing in my head however additionally all round me. It lasted some seconds. I changed into privileged to listen the splendid cosmic tune – the choir of angels retaining the intonation of this outstanding holy occasion.
Let this Christmas be a time of good cheer… A time of love and thankfulness of all our many blessings. Let us say a special prayer for those people who’re alone and feeling unloved.
Christmas is the time while the Cosmic Christ returns to earth. Every atom and molecule is filled with the love of the Christ Spirit. Let this first rate feeling of goodwill continue each day of the 12 months as we circulate up in evolution to bringing heaven to earth.
Let the Christ focus of affection be born inside each and each one people in our “manger”… The “rainbow bridge” among King Pineal and Queen Pituitary. This will bring a balance of the masculine – head, and the female – coronary heart. When this is done all decisions and movements might be expressed for the best of all.
Merry Christmas, a blessed 12 Holy Days, and all accurate desires for 2008 and constantly!
©2007 Merry C. Battles
Merry C. Battles has worked inside the recovery arts due to the fact that 1977. She has practiced the artwork of rubdown, Jin Shin Jyutsu (an ancient shape of Japanese Acupressure), CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, and foot reflexology. Merry is the author and illustrator of Christmas Meditations at the Twelve Holy Days December 26-January 6 Merry’s e book is a compilation of her 26 yr meditation journey with the twelve holy days. Her e book may be used all year as we travel thru each signal of the Zodiac.
Merry has been a scholar of the ancient mysteries for as a few years. Her finest pleasure in lifestyles, in conjunction with her grandchildren, is to find out about the non secular. This is contemplated in all of her paintings.