Learn how to create a correct content review?

The bid revision manner (stages three and four of the cycle) is executed mainly by more than one technical strategies, which range from the treatise with the distinct variables: this Size of the provide content; in turn, from the date of the check; what segment of the provide (whether or not meant, whether written or oral) and the number one section of the offer: whether or not phases 1 and a pair of of the cycle have already been completed.
I continuously locate myself using students who’re involved (rightly, of route) through the need for a overview.
I always pay attention the word, “I’m now not the only I studied the day prior to this, last week, last month.” Or, “For the on the spot of the check, I felt which one I had read, but no longer the solution.”
The present forgetfulness is simply normal concurseiros unidos.
It isn’t a signal of lack of intelligence,
It is a part of the learning technique.
In the primary segment of competitions, we do no longer recognize maximum of the solutions to the check (I say, “we beat this Examiner”).
Within 1 2d, the evolution of that is reflected in the feeling that many Problems with Testing have already visible, exactly if you have not exceeded it.
Finally, the evolutionary phase comes when we experience that we’re on an identical footing the use of this Examiner; We fought most subjects and killed above the court docket or disapproved of a few topics.
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What do I say to these pals?
I let you know, we don’t even have to motel to the etymology of the verb “to review” to recognize its which means.
The composition of the word cries out to you: to revise is to study what has already been seen.
It’s about reviewing, reviewing or, the usage of the verbs via the loop, rereading (“three”), what has already been read (“1”), understood (“3), memorizing (” 4 “).
So-and that It is apparent-there’s no factor in talking about revising a topic when you have now not study a e book approximately it, the legal guidelines of which it’s far loaded in. Because it is vital to stick to the levels of the cycle, your order, as if it have been a ritual: 1) Reading, 2) Understanding, three) Reading and (4) Memorizing. ”
How to properly prepare reviews
In my enjoy in getting ready for this competition (either as a candidate or educate), from this associated paintings using this time of study and the quantity according to material study.
The a lot longer in line with take a look at (internet hours of each day examine), the greater matfoiria could be study (examine) and understood (understood).
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Much greater time per study (Net hours) Much soon we will end the maximum essential factors of the edict (not always all because with the intention to skip, we do not ought to study this entire be aware) and further we can evaluation (read and memorize).
On the alternative hand, we recognize that the difference between this treatment particularly medium and the poison may also end up the dose.
Excessive doses consistent with revision will then result in both a stagnation of the content or too sluggish progress within the content of the matfoiria.
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You stroll in circles, with out leaving the spot, or at least spiral.
And now not in a immediately and progressive, as we want.
We have to consequently pass on studying, merging this development the use of the steps necessary for the evaluation.
Everything within the employer, rapid, persona (situation of every 1, time in step with take a look at, available each day time, and many others.).) – parameters worked and taken under consideration within the session.
Once those clarifications were made, it’s far possible to make recommendations on the distinctive evaluation strategies, which I think are the primary cause for analyzing this text.
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Technique # 1
Study two subjects (1 large, realize how this civil, crook or constitutional proceedings; and 1 small, including the consumption, yea, specific capital legislation), Further the case law and hassle solving, dividing your day by day net hours by 4, devoting a quarter with the intention to every of those obligations.
At the cease of ten days for which this “arrived”, stop for 3 days and check what turned into seen in THESE preceding ten.
That is, the approach is mainly technical observe here see ten days and overview three; look at some other ten time and overview three.
And so on.
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, oab apportionment # 2
Study at some point and the alternative, inside the first two hours, prepared the day before.
That is to mention, the technique here is to observe at 1 PER DAY (from 6 to eight internet hours), and then take delivery of this subsequent on the way to overview at 2 hours this one the day before.
After this evaluation, this observe need to maintain via the final hours of the day to study this content inside the subsequent two hours.
And if so on.
#There is specifically technical number 3
He makes a decision which one you may examine through the edict. It isn’t always vital to examine the whole observe to bypass) at all times concerning the premise of the binomial effort / benefit.
When I studied competitions, I genuinely failed to study a few laws or topics: SA regulation, public records regulation, belongings law parent, kingdom constitutions, theories of crook regulation actors, all of which startled me.
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oab apportionment This is due to the reality that those topics are by using Colossal content (Read over three hundred articles) which, if gathered, have been in one or at the least most 2 numbers.
So you better examine, understand, examine and shop smaller or larger laws with a miles higher loading fee, consisting of this ECA, CDC, CF, CPC, CPC, CC, improbability regulation, etc.
Therefore, you have the selection, this one a good way to be study within the edict click on , have set a time restrict to Read All (whatever the law, this bank can be examine within the dry regulation; some thing even the doctrine in 1 irrespective of case regulation, in STF and STJ members of the family, as a minimum three hundred and sixty five days before the take a look at), which have the possibility to vary, depending on the rate and this variety of hours of the community, from three to 5 months.
Study all-1) Read and (2) Understand-go for 3) Release and 4) Memorization.
Well. Exempt from trying to take a second, I offered three specific evaluation strategies.
Now, we must advocate which you examine these evaluations …
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I will begin the usage of the books.
When I studied, I handiest study 1 e book in keeping with theme, sooner or later some thing present day and opposition-orientated.
No e-book brings all this content material of the notice.
So from what was lacking within the ebook, I punctually searched for THESE others or maybe precisely on the Net.
Through the procedure of Phases “1” and “2” (studying and comprehension), I examine the books, emphasizing up to 50% of each web page.
If the difficulty became contemporary to me or if it seems very essential to me, it might spotlight the pity.
There were pages the usage of little alleviation.
There had been pages with many sublicenses, however in some unspecified time in the future kept the common up to 50% of the underlined e book.
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In addition, I wrote via hand on every web page, up or down, if I did not attend to all the above, ten brief sentences, with the summary of lots greater essential thoughts study at the web page.
No more than ten prayers, no much less than ten prayers.
Then within the three-re-analyzing and four-memorize review, of path which one I haven’t study this entire e-book, however best the underline and the sentences.
In the week or days previous to the examination, re-study the sentences.
Hereafter I am forbidden to this.
First, in steps 1) reading and (2) know-how this, I set myself a studying purpose: the legal guidelines the usage of articles. Much extra importantly, recognize the way to CF, this purpose became to examine 15 merchandise consistent with hour.
In different laws, 50 gadgets in keeping with hour.
From then on, I deleted obvious articles from the know-how already consolidated in me.
Example: In the Federal Constitution, this text says that “all are equal before the law.”
This isn’t always in a race.
And if it falls, I understand.
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As soon as I placed it in my studying so as no longer to harm me check again Much later.
Another instance: memorizing the sentences (jail sentences between such a lot of years and such a lot of years).
However, it’s miles not possible to save all sanctions, despite the fact that sure locations, lamentably, have already been eliminated PER DAY.
Not really worth the binomial effort / gain.
Then, inside the evaluation, he not noted articles or paragraphs or paragraphs the use of apparent or risky facts.
On the opposite hand, I become going round the usage of the ballpoint pen THESE gadgets whose item has already been charged for evidence.
During this vital paintings of solving this problem, I made a circle in every article of the ban which was accused.
In this review, I targeted on such items.
Finally, near the proof, reviewed the legislative changes.
Quite a part of what is wanted to limit evidence is the legislative changes of the Last Dada.
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